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Looking for amultifunctional pizza cutter that can slice your favorite pizza crust without pushing aside the toppings? Kitchenstar pizza cutter is a simple yet professional-grade pizza knife designed to cut through your crust pizza, deep-dish pizza, and many more.

With a 14” and 16” super shape blade, cutting your favorite piece of toast or sandwich has never been smoother. The multifunctional cutter can be used to make nicely-cut cakes, peanut brittle, chives, brownies, quesadillas, and more. Besides, the blade is very sharp, durable, and made of food-grade stainless steel, which can effortlessly slice large pizza, herbs, and your sandwiches— you’re going to love this for your next cutting job!

Featuring an ergonomic design, the pizza cutter is safe to use and comes with a protective blade cover, which offers secure handling and storage. The durable blade plastic cover helps shield the blade from damaging other kitchen utensils and useful items.

Either for home use, holiday gift, or for professional restaurants, Kitchenstar pizza cutter is the performer. Buy now.

Customer Reviews

We’re proud that our customer’s base keeps growing, and these customers are willing to tell their stories. While we can tell you all the amazing features of the Kitchenstar pizza cutter, you don’t have to take our word for it. Below is what some of our customers have to say:

Works perfectly!

The only drawback I've seen with this pizza cutter is my 14 year old son enjoys using it so much all of our other pizza cutters are getting no work. Seriously, I think the others must be dealing with depression because since this was delivered they just lay there in the drawer.

This 14" pizza cutter cleanly slices through a freezer pizza or piece of toast or even a sandwich in one quick press.

We have tried to branch out on ideas of things to cut but honestly who can resist pizza? You might find yourself eating pizza too often just so you can use this pizza knife. If this happens to you there are many things you can do including making calazones, submarine sandwiches, toast, pancakes, waffles, maple bars, bagles, and if you are really wanting to use your 14" pizza cutter on something a bit more health conscious you can use it to make yourself a chopped salad (though, if you are using yours on vegetables you should know it doesn't work well on tomatoes).

Seriously, this is a great pizza cutter and my son loves to use it to chop through a pizza pie in one quick crunch like they do in a pizzeria. I guess it makes him feel like a professional pizza cutter..... I really hope he grows up to have higher aspirations!

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After buying a 16" pizza stone, I searched high and low for a 16" pizza cutter. No luck. So I bought this 14" cutter, and it is simply perfect! The fact is, a 14" pizza is about the largest size I'd slide onto the stone anyway. This cutter is easy to use. I just press it down through the middle of the pizza, then rock left and right to cut through to the edges. It is VERY sharp, which is why the protective cover is so important. It not only protects against your getting cut when taking it out of storage, but it protects the blade from being dulled by other utensils in the drawer. Buy'll love it!


The ringing sound made while I hefted the cutter up brought a huge smile across my face, not to mention the water streaking down my cheeks due to the sheer beauty of 16” of stainless steel power in my hands. Immediately, every pizza within a 10 mile radius knew that its demise was inevitable….to include the hapless pepperoni and sausage pizza that laid before me. Immediately, my victim began crying crocodile tears of tomato sauce knowing of the impending doom. However, no amount of begging was going to stop me from getting what was mine. Without hesitation (or guilt) I quickly dispatched my foe into 8 evenly sliced pieces, perfectly intact, with medical precision. With unnoticeable effort, I removed my blade and looked at the sauce stained across its flawless surface, my reflection mirrored in the terror that had ensued. Slowly and ever so delicately, as I wiped my blade clean of any remains, I relished in the fact I was able to not only cut up my foe so quickly, but clean up was simple and lightning fast. The time saved dispatching the nefarious pizza demon allowed me to spend that much more time enjoying the spoils of my victory. Well done KitchenStar….well done.